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Predicting the martensite start temperature (Ms) of steels

Two things on this page:

This work is now described in two papers to appear soon in Computational Materials Science: a critical assessment of models to predict the Ms temperature of steels and a neural network model for the Ms temperature

The database:

It contains a set of data (1000) that have been verified twice against the original sources, the full references, and a set of data which could not be verified.

The latest neural network model (May 2004)

The PC and Unix/Linux files predict ln(-ln(Ms/1000)) so you need to work out Ms. This is automatic with Predictor.

Online calculations of martensite start temperature can be done here.

Thermodynamic model (updated august 2004)

A computer program to calculate the martensite start temperature of steels using thermodynamics models as developped by Ghosh and Olson (references in documentation):

To use this program, you need: MTDATA with a license allowing you to compile/run third-party programs, and a linux machine (it should compile on most unix flavours, no idea about Windows, but you are not using it since you are doing serious work).

Relevant publications:


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